Authentic Movement

If you cannot find it in your own body, where will you go in search of it?
– The Upanishads

The gentle, intuitive practice of Authentic Movement will guide us to the thirst-quenching and rejuvenating waters of our inner and outer landscapes.

Authentic Movement is a rich and accessible movement form with origins in Carl Jung’s work in active imagination. Developed in the 1950s by pioneering dance/movement therapist Mary Starks Whitehouse, the approach has also been known as intuitive movement or movement-in-depth.

This contemplative and improvisational form involves two integral roles: the mover and the witness. With closed eyes and attention turned inward, the mover responds intuitively to the ever-shifting inner landscape of emotions, sensations, and consciousness through both movement and stillness.

The witness observes without judgement and tracks their own inner impulses and the stories and responses that emerge.
After moving and witnessing, time is devoted to verbal sharing, drawing, painting, or collage as well as writing to further integrate the material.

No prior movement or dance experience necessary.
Dress in comfortable clothes and bring a pen, a journal,
your imagination and an open mind.

The Practice of Authentic Movement invites you to: 

• Attune to the subtle language of your body and soul, fostering profound self-awareness and a sense of presence.

• Discover an embodied path to your own creative wellspring

• Explore your stories in the safety and inspiration of the ritual container

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