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The Magic Garden

Dwarfs Ruediseuli and Kiin Suryan got together with the children from NaturePlay and Sunshine to teach us all about the magic of planting a garden in their delightful play, The Magic Garden. There was plenty of dancing and singing in both English and German. Many friends and family attended and afterwards we shared a delicious pot-luck lunch with […]

The Nuggi Ceremony

Some months ago, we began a wonderful relationship with a tree. An every-day ordinary fir tree growing in the darker part of our forest, along a path we often walk on our way to somewhere else.  This particular tree was not especially noteworthy other than having a fair amount of sap dripping down its trunk. […]

Spring Reflections

Spring… how I love it. The days are getting longer and warmer and the air remains fresh and redolent with new life.  The forest and the fields are coming alive with wild herbs and flowers. Together we are learning which herbs we can eat and which flowers we can pick for Mama.  The birds are back in […]

The Happiness of a Tree

This piece appeared originally in the February issue of Mothering Matters, a terrific English language blog about parenting Switzerland. The lovely tree illustration is by Laura Munteanu. There is a wonderful tree outside our window. Over the years, this tree has become our good friend and teacher. I first noticed this lovely being when several […]

Reindeer Love

Walking the deer trods is to learn how close we are to nature and to everything in the beautiful world we share with our non-human brethren. This shows us how we are connected to everything whether or not it appears inanimate… – Elen Sentier