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Auf Drachensuche

  Der Herbst ist da. Es gibt Nebel im Wald… Es gibt Drachen im Wald.   Los! Wir folgen den Spuren der Drachen.   Aber zuerst, finden wir einen Zauberstein.   Schau mal! So viele Hinweise.   Ein X… Was heisst das?   Was für ein grosser Drachenzahn! Ist das Drachenhaut oder ein Drachenbett? Was denkt ihr?   Ein […]

Why we go to the Forest

Every morning we greet the forest and its inhabitants in song, “Good morning dear Earth, Good morning dear Sun…” And the forest, in turn, greets us through all our senses. The wind whispers hello in the trees and the birds sing to us from the tall pines. We touch the soft moss and the prickly […]

Story and Myth in the Woods

  Fantasy is an invitation to enter more deeply into collaboration with the world. – Andrew Slack The forest playgroup this year is all about story. The telling of stories, the inventing of stories and the living of stories. The kids just can’t seem to get enough fantasy play. This seems just right to me […]

On the Road Less Traveled

This morning we are taking a different path. We follow the autumn mist in search of Puff- the magic dragon. Surely he is frolicking somewhere nearby. The red bench! The crows are flying overhead calling us to follow them to the edge of the wood to the red bench. Honah Lee awaits! We run ahead […]

Smelling the Roses

  Everyone is a yogi for half a second when they stop to smell the roses. It’s all there in that moment of conscious, grateful breathing. When you cultivate your gratitude for breath, something good happens at a deep level. You make friends with life. –Lorin Roche

In Praise of Snails

Children sense intuitively, the divinity of the humble forest snail. Their souls still recognize that the perfect spiral painted upon a snail’s shell, is nothing less than the self portrait of the universe.

Storybook Rain

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. — Vivian Greene   It rains quite a bit here in Switzerland and this has been the rainiest spring in recent memory. It was so bad the other day we stayed inside our farm house classroom all day. […]

Faerie’s Flowers

Faerie’s Flowers Are the flowers by the wayside. They will guide us on our path, They will teach us how to laugh. There’s the bright big dandelion Shining yellow like the sun. And the cuckkoo flower’s flying, When the spring has just begun. Oh, faerie’s flowers, we could walk for hours. You were planted by […]