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Initiation of a Green Man

  This week is spring vacation, and May Day falls right smack dab in the middle of it. May Day, or Beltane, as it is celebrated by my Celtic ancestors, has always been an auspicious time for me and I have often marked it with a special evert. In younger years when I was dancing, […]

Crosing the Stream

The road up to the farm house was blocked due to a repairs on the old stone wall so we gathered by the little stream at the bottom of the road. It’s a great little stream babbling its way through the green field. Rohan spotted a big fat frog there last week. We kept busy […]

The Gifts of Attention

  We’ve have nothing but endless grey days lately- no sunshine, no rain, no big bursts of color or new life. It seemed the spring was somehow on hold. Now that was a silly thought. I just needed to pay closer attention. And as the morning unfolded, a series of beautiful and unexpected gifts emerged […]

Choreography and Counting

Our morning began with a customary visit to our little garden. “Tickets please!” A small dark-haired boy with a with a most serious look on his face, holds his hand out and collects the imaginary admission fee and the children file into the garden one b We’d already detected the tiniest sproutings of our tulips […]

Lambs, Storks and the Search for Spring

Winter returned to us this morning yet again, running back like a little child for just one more goodbye kiss from Mother Earth. Reluctant to take his leave, Winter gave us one more squally little outburst. All the while, the Spring continues to be born, she cannot be stopped. There are new lambs on the […]

The Crows of Nutcracker Way

A much as I love the spring, I love the slow transition from winter nearly as much. Two days ago I spotted the first butterfly of the season and then this morning more snow fell. I am not disappointed. I get to bask a little longer in this liminal time and enjoy the lovely anticipation […]