The Magic Garden

Dwarfs Ruediseuli and Kiin Suryan got together with the children from NaturePlay and Sunshine to teach us all about the magic of planting a garden in their delightful play, The Magic Garden. There was plenty of dancing and singing in both English and German. Many friends and family attended and afterwards we shared a delicious pot-luck lunch with everyone contributing yummy dishes all made from ingredients from garden. And the children and dwarfs shared a refreshing Elderflower syrup they made themselves. Many thanks to all the kids, the families and friends, and of course, the dwarf community for a wonderful morning!

And much gratitude to all those who contributed to our gardening fund! We’ll be stepping up our gardening efforts beginning at Sunshine in Stäfa, where the children are already tending their beans and berries on the balcony. Looking forward to next year’s harvest.

And big thanks to Alexandra Volkert for the beautiful photographs on this page!

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